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Invidia by MorriganArt
Second Place in The Seven Deadly Sins Contest held by CinematicArts

Guardian of Edenia
Guardian of Edenia by MorriganArt
First place in The Forest Queen Contest held by kirilee

One Last Sunset
One Last Sunset by MorriganArt
Cathleen's choice in the Flame Challenge held by CathleenTarawhiti

Star Shot
Star Shot by MorriganArt
First place in Fantasy Contest held by Digital-Dreamscape
First place in The Huntress Challenge held by CathleenTarawhiti
Honourable mention for New Beginnings Contest held by Tasastock charligal-stock



Wrath of Angels
Wrath of Angels by MorriganArt
Third place in Angels Contest held by flartograph

Chastity by MorriganArt
Second place in The Seven Virtues Contest held by EnchantedWhispersArt

The Black Widow
The Black Widow by MorriganArt
Selected winner for Challenge #13 by faestock

Magical Love
Magical Love by MorriganArt
Second place in Special Double Contest held by SeverusSnape-RedMoon

Valinor by MorriganArt
Honourable mention in Medieval Fantasy Contest held by lusete

Through darkness
Through Darkness by MorriganArt
First place for Book Cover Contest held by sachiko2189

Affettuoso by MorriganArt
First place for Contest of May held by flartograph

Swan Lake
Swan Lake by MorriganArt
Top Ten in the Photomanipulate Contest held by Art-Collaborations

Cinderella's Revenge
Cinderella's Revenge by MorriganArt
Second place for Legends, Myths and Fairytales Contest held by Scarlettletters

Mystic water
Mystic Water by MorriganArt
Honourable Mention for the
Freestyle Challenge held by PhotoManipulatorsx3
and Magic Contest held by Art-Collaborations

Fairy Dust
Fairy Dust by MorriganArt
First place in The Winged Fantasy Contest held by Thy-Darkest-Hour

At world's End
At world's end by MorriganArt
Second place for The World Ends Today Contest held by Manips-Central

Secrets by MorriganArt
Peoples choice for Challenge #9 by faestock


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All rights reserved.


The Other Sister by acidlullaby

The Other Sister

by acidlullaby


Mar 3, 2015
12:14 pm
Mar 1, 2015
9:32 pm
Mar 1, 2015
12:41 am
Feb 27, 2015
4:14 pm
Feb 27, 2015
10:21 am



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Journal Entry: Sun Jan 4, 2015, 12:19 PM

I happened to find this book cover... It looks pretty familiar to me. What do you guys think?…

and my work....

The Sentient by MorriganArt

This Journal Skin was designed by Zaporozhenko Vitaly (Vint26)


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Taire Morrigan
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Journal Entry: Sun Jan 4, 2015, 12:19 PM

I happened to find this book cover... It looks pretty familiar to me. What do you guys think?…

and my work....

The Sentient by MorriganArt

This Journal Skin was designed by Zaporozhenko Vitaly (Vint26)

Top 10 Copyright Myths

1. Copyright can protect my ideas
Copyright applies to a recorded work, it cannot apply to something as intangible as an idea. Within certain fields, (such as inventions) it may be possible to apply for a patent.
Because copyright applies to the actual recorded work - documents, music, artwork, etc., if a competitor used your copyright work, (i.e. copied or adapted your promotional literature or stole content from your website to promote their own product), this would be an infringement and you could certainly take action, but there is little you can do to prevent someone else creating their own work based on a similar idea as long as they are not copying your work to do so.

2. I can copyright a name or title
Copyright laws are actually very restrictive, and do not apply to items such as names and titles that may be duplicated coincidentally, or that may be legitimately used in unrelated instances.
From a copyright perspective, there is no reason why two works cannot have the same title. As long as the content of works themselves are not copied or adapted, no infringement has occurred.
This does NOT mean that there is no protection on the name, as it may be covered by other legislation: If the name was a trademark, or if it could be proved that that use of the title misleads or confuses the public, (this is know as ‘passing off’), then there can be issues.
While copyright will apply from the point a work is created, ‘passing off’ is based on the public perception of what the name implies, (i.e. you have a very clear idea of what you expect to be given if you ask for a ‘Coca-Cola’).
For further reading on this subject please see our fact sheet: P-18: Names, titles and copyright

3. I can simply post a copy to myself as proof of copyright
This method (sometimes called ‘poor man’s copyright’), may help in some cases, but it is extremely poor evidence as it is very easy to fake - for example by replacing the actual materials inside at a later date.
The main problem if you send your work to yourself via courier or the postal service (including recorded/tracked and signed for services) or use any other system which requires you to store the work yourself, is that there is no verifiable evidence to say that the contents have not been swapped.
For more on this, our page dealing with poor man‘s copyright and other ‘alternatives’ may be worth a look.

4. Everything on the Internet ‘public domain’ and free to use
This highlights a common misunderstanding about what is meant by ‘public domain’ when referring to copyright work.
A work will fall into the public domain once copyright expires, this will typically be many years after the author’s death.
While work published on the Internet may be publicly accessible, it is certainly not in the public domain.

5. Anything without a copyright notice is not protected
Copyright will apply whether there is a copyright notice or not.
In the US, a notice was required to retain copyright on works published before January 1st 1978, but this was the exception not the norm, and is certainly no longer the case. Also, once the US signed up to the Berne convention, US law was amended, and the use of copyright notices became optional on work published from March 1st 1989.
Having said this, it is still certainly worth placing a copyright notice on your work. A copyright notice reminds others that copyright exists, and may therefore help to deter infringement.
Further reading: Copyright notice fact sheet

6. If I change someone else’s work I can claim it as my own
The act of copying or adapting someone else’s work is a restricted act. Any adaptation will be legally regarded as a derived work; so if you simply adapt the work of others, it will still be their work, and they have every right to object if publish such a work when they have not given you permission to do so. They are also entitled to reclaim any money you make from selling their work.
The only safe option is to create something that is not copied or adapted from the work of others, or seek the permission of the rights owner (you should expect to pay a fee and/or royalties for this).
There is nothing to stop you being inspired by the work of others, but when it comes to your own work, start with a blank sheet and do not try to copy what others have done.

7. I can legally copy 10% without it being infringement
This is not the case. Unless it is explicitly allowed under fair use or fair dealing rules, any unauthorised use of copyright work can potentially lead to legal action.
When using quotes or extracts, there is no magic figure or percentage that can be applied as each case must be viewed on its own merit. In cases that have come to trial what is clear is that it is the perceived importance of the copied content rather than simply the quantity that counts.
Our advice would always be to seek permission before you use the work of others.

8. It’s OK to use copy or publish other peoples work if I don't make any money out of it
No, except in specific circumstances permitted under fair dealing/fair use rules, any copying or publication without the consent of the copyright owner is an infringement, and you could face legal action.
If the use has a financial impact on the copyright owner, (i.e. lost sales), then you could also face a claim for damages to reclaim lost revenue and royalties.

9. It’s hard to prove copyright infringement
This is not the case, copyright law is principally civil not criminal law. Civil law requires a lower burden of proof, actually making it easier to prove infringement.
In a criminal case, the defendant is innocent until proven guilty beyond any reasonable doubt. However, in a civil case, the plaintiff must simply convince the court or tribunal that their claim is valid, and that on balance of probability it is likely that the defendant is guilty.

10. Confusion over copyright in music
A sound recording will have a separate copyright to the underlying musical composition. This means that a new recording of an old piece of music will still be protected under copyright, even if copyright has expired in the original music.

Top 10 Copyright Myths page from the UK Copyright Service.



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